Enjoy Learning Through Play

Children cultivate their interests in learning with tablet computers.

Children who learn tablet computers combine the experience of using the tablet with the wide variety of interactive learning applications. Thus integrating the most advanced concept for interactive learning internationally, to improve children’s ability of concentration and cultivate their interest in learning.

According to a survey, children above one-year-old are able to use tablet computers skillfully. Some experts predict that tablet computers, which serve as a tool for cultivating wisdom, will be highly beneficial for preschool children!

hanZpad makes children love learning!

Happy Learning Education for Preschoolers

Creative has more than 20 years of technical experience and content accumulation; it has developed the interactive multimedia education products of WaWaYaYa series. The content of this series of education products includes Chinese, Mathematics, English, Science and other subjects as well as puzzle games.The products are based on “Multiple Intelligence Theory” which advocates joyful and independent learning styles, providing children with challenging games where they can learn independently, master knowledge and improve their quality of learning. Recently, more than ten million children have benefited from WaWaYaYa’s education programs.

As we move into the tablet era, WaWaYaYa presents its interesting interactive multimedia content on hanZpad and guides children into a world where they can learn and play happily!

Edutainment - Learning Through Games
  • Effective Word-Recognizing and Reading Skills

    Texts with pictures, sound and shapes, as well as interactive story reading promote children’s literacy, reading and language skills.

  • Interesting Mathematics Learning

    It makes mathematics knowledge learning interesting, stimulates children’s learning interest step by step, and equips them with excellent evaluation of mathematical logic.

  • Learning to Speak English Easily.

    Pure English pronunciation and intelligent feedback to “read after me” can make children speak English easily and joyfully and enhance their language sense.

  • Nurturing Growth with Playing Puzzle Games

    Challenging interactive games make learning no longer boring, and provide children with happy learning experience so as to increase their comprehensive learning ability.

Touch the World - Feel the Happiness in Learning
  • Literacy

    It includes standard pronunciations of thousands of Chinese characters, dynamic stroke dictionaries that support searches at any time, learning of Chinese characters writing and auto-correction, so children could master the Chinese language through self-study.

  • Dictation

    • Integrating TTS technology
    • Helping children to conduct dictation
    • Strengthening literacy outcomes
  • Reading

    • Chinese-English bilingual multimedia reading materials for children
    • Supporting internet download
    • and various ebook formats
  • Doodling

    • Children doodle freely
    • The platform for writing and painting freely
    • Painting colorful fairyland