Shared and Cooperative Internet Platform

Share Any Information at Anytime and Anywhere.

Established based on the Creative Zii platform, the open framework system allows the members to share documents, images, music and videos across wireless tablet PCs and smart phones. It allows the information to be transferred from mobile equipments to set top box, TV and projector. So the users can share real time information among different systems and platforms.

hanZpad shared platform can provide you with great product functions and technology services. As an open platform, the developers can easily implement this technology into the application system, thus it achieves the amazing "sharing" function easily.

Now on the Zii platform, this technology with real time sharing function already has a complete IncStage solution.

Software Application for Bigger Conference

ncStage - Magicboard is a business and educational application software that supports and cooperates in order to combine various terminal equipments with large screen display equipments through wireless connections to form a highly efficient meeting system. This system applies to big conferences and seminars where people can upload their documents, pictures, videos to the big screen on which the meeting members can write, mark, and laser point on it for more interactive communication.

When a user has finished working on his terminal equipment, the application will be closed. At the same time, all the information shown on the big screen will be displayed on his terminal equipment.

All the information shared during the meeting will be recorded and restored.

The powerful functions and the features of this new generation tablet let users express their creativity and coordination skills which make the conference and brainstorming even more efficient.

All files with these formats can be imported, read and presented: PPT,PDF, OWB.

This system provides textboxes, various styles of pens and erasers, or a whiteboard on which you can edit, tag, modify, zoom and shift a document.

When a user shares the whiteboard, all the operations will be transmitted to the meeting group simultaneously.

Dynamic editing area - the size and direction of the editing area can be changed to contain all the contents discussed in the meeting.

The person in charge can remove any of the meeting members, edit contents, choose the background, clear the presentation screen, exit from the editing interface and decide on the display contents.

All the operations of the meeting members can be shifted to another individual’s mobile equipment at the same time. The person in charge can choose any equipment to deliver presentations.

Share at Anytime and Anywhere


  • Supports shared conference with many different parties, with various unique functions to organize meetings.
  • Each member in the meeting group has a specific color to differentiate their actions and operation processes from the others.
  • Supports PPT, PDF, OWB file formats’ import and editing functions.
  • Supports drag-and-drop documents by users to the editing area for various operations.
  • Editing area can be expanded at any direction, and the size of the border is not restricted. Therefore it is able to contain all the meeting contents.
  • A series of editing tools, such as the text box, pens of various colors and sizes, highlighters, erasers and etc. to execute different editing operations.
  • The control panel looks like a control button, through which the users can delete contents, choose the background, clear the presentation screen, exit from the editing interface, and choose to display Sharebox on the projector.
  • Whenever a user enters the meeting group, he is able to see the previous editing contents and join in the discussion anytime.
Software Application for Business and Office

Based on the application of e-portfolios on tablet computers, this software application has a complete functions of hand input, slides typesetting, multi-layer editing, various moldboard and resource (cloud), wireless play of speech slides, whiteboard communication tool, e-mail and cloud storage.

Through this software, you are able to use the tablet computer to make colorful speech drafts and slides, record meeting content, encrypt emails, sign documents, search cloud files, call and recover the files.

This software has wireless sharing functions that can send the speech slides to the projector and to the meeting members' tablet computer easily.

You may share any information at anytime and any place.

Powerful editing function, new touch function, easy zooming functions and speech remote control, these functions enable you to have a wonderful impromptu performance.
Many people including the long-distance Internet users can present, modify and share files at the same time.
Conference Room Application

Creative hanZpad applies to business and office, which allows you to record your ideas, organize speeches and meetings, and to manage documents. The sharing and communicating functions help you to work even more efficiently.

Dumping off the heavy notebooks and laptops, this tablet no longer requires cables for internet connection. It enables you to work at ease, which is the main advantage of the tablet PC.

Lounge Application

IncStage family entertainment platform is a mobile interactive multimedia and sharing center. You can enjoy music, photos, videos, and share them with your friends and relatives. Through IncStage, you are able to transfer the information from your digital equipments to the big screen wirelessly, and then enjoy high definition viewing experience.

IncStage family entertainment platform supports Wifi hotspot and connects your family member's mobile equipments together. It supports instant sync of the contents on mobile phones, tablet computers and other mobile equipments, thus it solves the common operational problems of remote controlling.