Tablet Computers - Top Choice for Digital Textbooks

One major feature of hanZpad is to promote the application of tablet in the vertically connected industries. With the advent of the tablet computer era, electronic schoolbags for educational purposes will be utilized in the classroom. A very important content in the electronic schoolbags is none other than the digitalization of textbooks.

The tablet computers in electronic schoolbags can realize the resources of teaching materials and teaching supplements across the whole learning period of primary school or secondary school. At the same time, using the electronic schoolbags universally can save a lot of paper, preserve energy, protect the environment, and benefit the later generations.

Based on the foundation of its powerful hardware and software platform, hanZpad materializes the three-dimensional, interactive and intellectual system of digital textbooks and classroom teaching. hanZpad forms a close cooperative relationship with domestic education institutions, and faces a great potential market of 200 million children, providing digital textbooks, electronic schoolbags and digital classes to them. Tablet computers will become the electronic schoolbags of the future and there will no longer be any usage of books in the digital age.

Presentation of Digital Teaching Materials on Tablet - Interactive Chinese Textbooks
Presentation of Digital Teaching Materials on tablet - Interactive English Textbooks
Presentation of Digital Teaching Materials on Tablet - Interactive Science and Mathematics Textbooks
Entering the Classroom without Physical Textbooks – The Future Digital Classroom

In the future digital classes, the blackboards used by teachers will be transformed into interactive touch screen whiteboards. Students will use electronic schoolbags with hanZpad tablet computers, and the most important part is the digital teaching material used by the students.

In the process of classroom teaching and after-class learning, teachers interact effectively with students through electronic schoolbags and this will undoubtedly initiate a new teaching pattern which leads us into a digital age of classrooms books.

  • A close relationship between teachers and students can be established through the implementation of tablet computers in their learning process, thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of classroom teaching. This relationship can go beyond the classroom and help to make interactive communications between teachers and students a common situation.
  • Tablet computers support the whole teaching process of preparing, learning and revising by utilizing computerized records, judgments and statistics. Both teachers and students can increase learning efficiency and alleviate burden, while parents can understand their children’s study condition better at all times.
Pilot Programs of Digital Classroom

Classroom Interaction with hanZpad

  • The tablet computer’s handheld control mode and the touch screen operational method are able to provide reading experience which is comparable or even beats the traditional paper books.
  • The tablet computers provide rich media resources of texts, pictures, sounds, cartoons, etc. as teaching materials, which make learning process even more enriching and effective.
  • In the “International (Yangzhou) Electronic Book Industry Summit Forum” which was held in 2011, Sanyuanqiao Primary School from Yangzhou presented a lively “Digital Classroom Interaction” at the site meeting. Then Yangzhou town developmental area conducted a pilot program of interactive teaching with electronic schoolbags for the English subject in junior high school.

  • In the first year of Pui Ching Primary School of Guangzhou, teachers are using tablet computers to teach Chinese. The digital textbooks on the tablet computers catch the attention of the all the grade one students.

  • In the period where pairwork activities were being carried out among the thousand schools in the Zhejiang district, the “Electronic Schoolbag Lab” which was established by the Ningbo No.3 Middle School presented the Senior High School Digital Classroom of Physics and the digital teaching process of "Conductor Charges in a Magnetic Field ". And this presentation is called the teaching sample of the first trail of “Electronic Schoolbag” in local senior high school level.

The Production of Digital Textbook and the Application of Digital Teaching Materials and Digital Classrooms

The Production of Digital Teaching Materials:

It must go through several processes of knowledge layering, digital processing, solid interactions, etc. from paper materials and other relevant supplementary resources to digitize the network teaching materials; it also needs the participation of knowledge engineer and data production staff to conduct creativity and processing through special tools in the processing platform of digital network teaching materials.

In the aspect of digital education publishing, Creative Knowledge has constructed the processing platform for digital textbooks and operational process of digital teaching materials, which has created a solid foundation for the application of electronic schoolbags.

Creative Knowledge has collaborated with the Pan Pacific Education Press Singapore, and has introduced a series of digital comic book "Primary Chinese";
Creative Knowledge has also collaborated with the People's Education Press, and has introduced a series of network digital teaching materials "English 'Go For It '".

Digital Educational Publishing and Digital Education

Digital Classroom Solution

Creative has set up a professional platform based on the structures of "Cloud" and "Terminal" for teaching and learning activities in the classroom. An environment for teachers, students and parents to interact is formed and combined to establish a complete solution for digital education.

Human-Human Interaction Under the Cloud

Built on the support of "Cloud" infrastructure, various activities at the "Terminal" end can be recorded and referenced. A refined and personalized teaching-learning program that is easily supervised can be achieved. This is done with the support of the student performance statistics and timely communication among the teachers, students and parents provided by the platform.