Software Platform for the China Market

Creative hanZpad is more than just its fastest 100-core ZMS-40 chip and sophisticated design. A main competitive quality of the hanZpad is in how it makes use of its fast computing chip to develop powerful softwares designed for the Chinese market, working on the latest Android 4.0 operating system. This includes four main areas: handwriting and text processing, sharing and collaboration, multiple Chinese utilities and a wide range of multi-media applications. The most important element is none other than the offering of a complete line of applications for digital education, from the digital textbook and electronic schoolbag to digital classroom as well as education cloud platform. These applications have already been put into practice in schools. The development of these pragmatic softwares that specifically addresses the needs of the China market were built upon Creative’s experience in developing Chinese platform and multi-media softwares accumulated over the past 20 years. hanZpad is designed for the China market, with a vision of becoming a core market leader.

hanZpad Software Platform Gives A Tablet Experience Like Never Before

The initial aim when developing the hanZpad system and software platform, was to help OEM manufacturers expand their software solutions and develop fast-to-use products, offering solutions targeting different vertical markets and industries.

This rich collection of software, together with full support from a Cloud Service system, will help OEM manufacturers support the mobile computing needs of clients using industry-leading IT infrastructures, providing the potential for future business expansion. These tried and tested system services include encrypted data delivery, personal cloud storage and selective software upgrade.

OEM manufacturers can enjoy this unique competitive advantage in realizing an integrated and complete service-dependent business model.

Chinese Character Handwriting System

The Creative hanZpad software platform offers a handy tool to track your thoughts and notes without having to carry a separate notebook. You can easily record, retrieve and share notes via email anytime and anywhere. You may select to send and archive emails or save files in your original handwriting, personalizing your office applications. This tool further allows you to quickly search for specific contents from the corresponding text.

With a system platform specifically equipped for Chinese applications, your Tablet PC transforms from a pure entertainment platform geared predominantly towards the English speaking community, to an expert system for Chinese processing and a must-have tool for your business.

Chinese Rich Media Applications

Relying on its solid experience in Chinese platform development, Creative hanZpad software platform integrates multiple applications, including Chinese speech engine, multilingual dictionaries in Chinese, English etc.

Benefitting from this versatile collection of tools, users may create entry-level multimedia content and software, transmitting and sharing via mobile Internet, thus enriching digital publishing and simplifying studies and work.

  • A The easy-to-use multilingual word query application incorporates 14 specialized dictionaries and thousands of Chinese-English entries.
  • B Illustrations, strokes and phonetic rules are available for thousands of Chinese words and phrases.
  • C Users may even add and edit their own entries, creating their personalized dictionaries.
  • D The built-in TTS speech synthesis and speech recognition engine, eases the user and tablet interaction for speech-supported applications.
ShenBi Chinese Characters Learning Application

The ShenBi Chinese characters learning application incorporates thousands of frequently used Chinese characters. With its extensive practice in listening, demonstrating, reading and writing, it has proven to be highly effective for users in mastering the Chinese language and characters.


  • Dynamic demonstration of stroke paths on the special structure of Chinese characters, helping learners appreciate their beauty.
  • Increase your writing interest with an unprecedented smooth writing experience with emphasis on Chinese typefaces and strokes
  • Dynamic assessment of stroke orders and overall character structures to correct wrong writing habits promptly
  • Offers other functions, such as phonetic aid, phrase grouping and English explanations to assist your learning.
Sharing and Collaborative Application

Creative hanZpad software platform provides you with an innovative suite of sharing and collaborative tools, including a bilingual slideshow application and an interactive live meeting application. The editor of this powerful slideshow application on the Android platform sports a slide canvas style, providing abundant font types, image patterns and bright colored backgrounds. Built-in templates can be used to download, upload and share templates to help users create stunning albums and presentations. It also offers various image enhancement tools such as transparency, border options, special effects etc.

You can also import slideshow presentation files from your PC, make edits, show presentations, make a speech or record meeting minutes freely. Furthermore, this application offers many ways to share your creativity.