• Diverse: Diversity in technology, software, design and application
  • Efficient: Efficiency in operation, update, production and revenue generation
  • Superior: Superior in design, functionality, portability and quality
  • Economic: Economic in cost, human resources, energy consumption and risk control

What makes a portable Tablet PC stand out is not only its cost-efficiency but also its superb computing capabilities. The key to achieving this relies on its Central Processing Unit (CPU). Looking at the current market trend, customers expect a Tablet PC to efficiently process multiple rich media files while being able to perform core functions such as multi-touch and handwriting recognition. Commonly available dual-core and even quad-core CPUs are barely able to meet these expectations. Elevating CPU performance has thus become a top priority in creating the next level of the tablet PC experience, especially for the China market.

With the above concerns in mind, we decided to adopt the latest ZiiLABS 100-core chip, the ZMS-40, in our Creative hanZpad, which will enable hanZpad to exhibit its unique competitiveness in both the China and global market.

ZiiLABS, previously known as the renowned 3DLABS, was the first company to launch the highly acclaimed, advanced 3D imaging chip in the early 1990s. Over the past 30 years, the company has accumulated rich experience in the field of 3D imaging, GPU and SoC. Building on their rich background in chip development, designing philosophy, patent and technologies, ZiiLABS has brought its leading strengths into the Tablet PC at a fairly reasonable price.

Zii Chip Introduction

The ZMS-40 StemCell processor with quad-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 is the ultimate reason for Creative hanZpad’s performance excellence, low energy consumption and wide functionality. The ZMS-40 also contains 96 StemCell floating-point processing cores, which transforms it into a 100-core processor. These advanced CPU and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) functionality gives us confidence in saying that ZMS-40 is the most powerful Tablet-oriented SoC (system-on-chip) in the market today. This fourth-generation Tablet PC solution is currently available and ready to be introduced to OEM manufacturers.

ZMS-40 features

  • Quad-Core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9
  • Integrated 96 StemCell floating-point processors
  • 58 GFLOPs computing capability
  • Supports 3840x1080 3D Stereoscopic video playback
  • Supports 2560x1600 display
  • HD video conferencing at 1080p
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • High-clarity 1080p H.264, VP8, VC-1, MPEG 4, MPEG 2 video playback
  • Vivid 3D imaging with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • OpenCL programming
  • HDMI 1.4 dual-screen mirroring output, or fully independent dual-screen output
  • Adobe Flash 11.x acceleration
Superb processing capability
  • Quad-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9 with NEON
  • 96 fully-programmable StemCell floating-point processing cores
  • 58 GFLOPS StemCell floating-point computing capability
  • Twice the CPU performance for enhanced multi-tasking over ZMS-20
  • Twice the imaging and media performance over ZMS-20
  • Half the power consumption of ZMS-20, for a longer standby mode
Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9
Lower Power Consumption
  • More CPU cores at Lower Frequency and Lower Voltage = Lower Power
  • Advanced power management enables control over individual cores
Higher Performance
  • Enhanced performance for CPU-intensive tasks or multi-threaded applications
  • Improved Web Experience of running multiple scripts or browser tabs
OpenCL Acceleration
  • OpenCL is a cutting-edge framework language specially designed for writing parallel programs
  • Execute highly complicated parallel floating-point computations across CPUs, GPUs, and other processors independently.
  • Offer application access to the 96 StemCell array in the ZMS-40 for non-graphical computing
  • Exponential performance enhancement without having to encode in microcode
  • ZiiLABS is an advocator of OpenCL
StemCell Media Processor
  • Stem cells, seen as all-purpose cells by the medical community, can differentiate into a variety of specialized cell functions, eventually forming embryos, blood, brain, heart and body.
  • Similarly, the 96 StemCell processing cores in Zii chip can be programmed for reconstruction as needed.
  • Processing cores are designed for different purposes, with some processing HD video modules, some for 3D modules while others for HiFi music modules etc.
MandelMark Benchmark
  • ZiiLABS MandelMark Benchmark is a dedicated tool for measuring high-end GPU floating-point processing performance, using OpenGL ES 2.0 as its rendering program to create the Mandelbrot set.

  • Three times faster than other competitors by comparative evaluation:

    ZMS-40 = 6.2Mpixels/sec vs. Others (iPad2) = 2.2Mpixels/sec

The Mandelbrot set is the most amazing and magnificent geometry image ever created in the history of mankind. This point set originated from the following iterative formula: Zn+1=Zn2+C, generating beautiful and endless patterns. Some patterns look like corona whereas some resemble the burning flame. As long as there are sufficient algorithm points, complicated details can still be picked up regardless of the number of zoom-ins made on the patterns. These details differ from the whole pattern while maintaining a degree of resemblance, presenting an illusional pattern that consists of endless details and self-similarity. It was discovered by Professor Mandelbrot in the 1970s. He called it the "Convergence of Devils" and was awarded the “Science for Art” award for the discovery in 1988.

Amazing performance elevation with the 100-core chip
  • Integrated HDMI 1.4 that supports 3840x1080 3D stereoscopic video
  • Supports WQXGA display (2560x1600) for next-generation LCD display at 250+ dpi
  • Display mirroring for output to both tablet screen and big screen HDMI-output
  • Display different contents on tablet screen and big screen HDMI-output
  • Compatible with a wide range of video codecs: H.264, VC1, WebM (VP8)
  • Computing potential for HEVC (H.265)
  • Simultaneous HD video conferencing (1080 HD video encoding / decoding)
  • Simultaneous Multi Video playback and 3D video playback
WebM (VP8) Multi Video Playback 3D Video Playback Potential HEVC support in the future Speech Technology Bluetooth/WiFi HD music output WiFi Sync
Dual Independent Display: Opens up new possibilities

You can stream HD content, such as application interfaces, games or videos to the big screen, At the same time, you can use your tablet as a secondary display for keyboard entry, game control, remote control and other uses.

  • Support High Dynamic Range Imaging shooting
  • Easy-to-use 360-degree panoramic capture up to 40 megapixels
  • Smart photo browsing and real-time 3D photo effects
  • Advanced video playback functions with Stunt mode (e.g. reverse playback, frame advance or back)
  • Widely acclaimed X-Fi effect
  • Bluetooth/WiFi music output
Instant Panoramic

Automatically merges burst shots into a single 40-megapixel panoramic picture, providing a rich and authentic viewing experience.

Instant Magic Camera Effect

Due to the powerful Zii chip, you can experience magic camera effects instantly on your tablet without any post-production treatment.

Never worry about missing the moment again!

1080P HD Display Mirroring

Mirror everything on your tablet to the big screen for an easier sharing experience with your families and friends regardless of applications, web pages, presentations, movies, videos or HD photos, without worrying about image quality loss.

Multi-rate playback, video soundtrack synchronization and reverse playback

Timeline browsing playback

hanZpad ZiiVideo
  • Stunt mode (e.g. reverse playback, frame advance or back)
  • Multi-rate playback, video soundtrack synchronization and reverse playback
  • Timeline browsing playback
  • HDMI video output to the big screen
  • Supports subtitles
  • Supports multi-track
  • Dialogue and bass effect enhancement in video playback with built-in speaker
hanZpad ZiiPhoto
  • Enriched browsing options
  • Lossless photo effects (inclusive of panoramic and HDR)
  • 3D slide show
  • Display mirroring through HDMI
  • Auto-synchronizing of photos from other Android devices over WiFi network

Lossless photo effects (inclusive of panoramic and HDR)

3D slide show

40-megapixel panoramic capture in one sweep

Real-time shooting and preview with 3D effect

hanZpad ZiiCamera
  • 40-megapixel panoramic capture in one sweep
  • High dynamic range capture
  • Real-time shooting and preview with 3D effect
  • 1080p video capture
  • 12-megapixel static image capture
  • In-camera pipeline processing achieved with OpenCL 1.1
hanZpad X-FI
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi technology
  • Crystalizer and CMSS-3D
  • Built-in HD speaker for stunning sound effects
  • HD equalizer for flexible sound adjustment
  • Full-range audio stream processing for video playback, music playback or gaming experience

Built-in HD speaker for stunning sound effectsEqualizer for HD effect trimming