Alliance regulation overview

1. Alliance Name: “Creative hanZpad Alliance”, simply referred to as alliance below.

2. Alliance Definition: It is a mutually beneficial alliance comprising of enterprises from the relevant industry chain and vertical market solution providers. The alliance focuses on various aspects relevant to the industries including technology, products, systems, solutions, operations and services, research and development, applications and content collation.

3. Alliance Mission: Conform to the principles of "Collaboration, Mutual Benefit, Transparency and Cooperation". Cooperating with different industries in the chain to create competitive business models that meet the specialized needs of the local market; establish a collaborative platform to break into the markets of related industries, thus discovering potential blue oceans; seize the prime position in the industry to create the drive for advanced development.

4. Alliance Objective: Aims to establish a community that links together various areas of industrial expertise including exterior ID design, manufacturing, operating system optimization, software APP and content development, vertical market applications, system integration and cloud service platforms. Through this, we aim to encourage the sharing of information and resources, and collaboration among members for mutual benefits, establishing an optimal and efficient industrial chain system, thus strengthening competitiveness and the ability to seize market opportunities to increase alliance members’ market share.