hanZpad Alliance -- Shaping the Future, Conquering the World

Entering the Era of the Mobile Internet

Emerging industries including mobile internet, cloud computing and E-commerce are taking their place as the main factor for growth in the new economy. With the merge of the three major networks, telecommunications, broadcast and the Internet, the integration of mobile networks and the Internet will undoubtedly bring about new development opportunities for conventional businesses while driving the creation of new business models.

With the expansion of the market and diversification of consumers' demands, the mobile internet industry has transformed into a value chain, integrating operators, platform/service providers, application and content providers, system providers and terminal providers. These form a complete mobile internet service, from terminal devices, applications, services to platform operation and networks, allowing consumers to access the mobile internet services anytime, anywhere.

The era of mobile internet is an era of integration. Only players who integrate industrial chain and industrial value chain can seize the opportunity, and position themselves favorably in future market structures.

Industry Chain Integration is the Solution

The development of the mobile internet industry and the merging of the telecommunication, broadcast and Internet networks have elevated smart devices into the new chic of today. Tablet PCs can now perform on par or even better than laptops and desktop computers. Its portability and user-friendly interface is a perfect match for the lifestyles of the modern people. Based on the current development trend, tablet PCs will re-define the conventional IT industry’s market structure.

Currently, many large, first-class domestic and international computer and mobile phone manufacturers are swarming into the market but none are able to possess a satisfactory share of the market. Apple's iPad dominates the market by an overwhelming amount. Apple firmly controls this market through its iPAD, iOS and iCloud unique integration. The success of Apple depends not only on its advanced technology and design concepts but is also a result of a complete business model and their effective utilization and integration of the global industry chain. Apple’s success story brings forth a message. Only with a complete business model that creates a complete service system to provide better customer experiences can you become a market leader in your industry. Cross-industry integration and collaboration is thus the only way to break into this Apple dominated market.

How do we go about integrating resources to strengthen our core competitiveness? This question is what everyone in the smart device and the mobile internet industry must answer.

hanZpad Alliance is Born

Tablet PCs will be the beginning of a new era, with opportunities already in front of us. New life experiences and progress will surely reach every corner of the world and every strata of society. Thus, it is necessary to create a complete and mutually beneficial cooperative environment. Introducing, the hanZpad Alliance! hanZpad Alliance, is a community comprising of various industries in China including smart device design research and development, manufacture, sales, mobile internet service and solution providers etc. All members, conforming to the principles of “Voluntary, Fair and Cooperation”, aim to work as one to achieve mutual benefits. Its objective – to shape a complete industrial environment sporting Chinese characteristics centered around the technology, products, systems, applications, solutions, services, operations and marketing related to tablet PCs and the mobile internet industry, providing customers with a complete service chain.

Creating Business Models, Sharing Cooperative Advantages

hanZpad Alliance has founded an open development platform for tablet PCs and the mobile internet industry. Creative Technology has brought together several Chinese super companies into this alliance, including chip developers, vendors, supply chain providers, industry design service providers, manufacturers, brand owners, industry application developers, application mall service providers, content suppliers and cloud platform operating service providers etc. This forms a complete industrial environment, bringing together expertise from core chip development, core programme design, ID design, module creation, suppliers of spare parts and manufacturing to system optimization, application and content development, application mall operation, vertical industry solution and cloud platform service etc., giving customers a one-stop solution to their mobile Internet needs.

We welcome more companies to join our hanZpad Alliance. Through the sharing of knowledge and expertise among members, a win-win situation can be created as you can effectively lower your research and development costs, manufacturing costs and the risks of new product launches. Your clients can thus enjoy the most advanced technology, matured products, complete services and professional support.

Join the hanZpad Alliance and Conquer the Tablet Era Together

We welcome new additions to the hanZpad Alliance! For companies: joining the alliance lets you enjoy the support of this complete environment. You are free to select the resources you need to help you provide a comprehensive set of services for your customers. The theme of the alliance is to share, create, conquer, and ally the world. We welcome any enterprise who is willing to contribute to the development of the mobile internet industry, building a bigger and stronger environment together! The era is calling for more enterprises to work together to create, and share technology and business models, in order to conquer the products and markets. Let's spread throughout the globe starting from China, shaping and sharing a brighter future to be conquered!