Introduction to Alliance Members
Creative Technology Ltd.

The alliance founder whose expertise includes tablet PC reference design and product solutions.

Creative leads the digital entertainment product industry around the globe. Creative gained worldwide recognition with its Sound Blaster audio card, and has continued on to innovate and redefine various areas in the multimedia industry. With the introduction of its award-winning ZEN MP3 and portable media players, Creative is marching towards the digital entertainment market.

With its groundbreaking background in the development of hardware, patented technology, and applications, coupled with advantages of the Internet service, Creative has given users a high quality digital entertainment experience anytime, anywhere.


A professional chip manufacturer whose expertise includes Zii series rich media processing chips, hardware platform and high-end middleware.

ZiiLABS is an industry leader in rich media application processor, hardware platform and high-end middleware. Products developed by ZiiLABS make it possible for OEM, ODM, system integrators and software developers to create industry leading devices for the consumer electronics and embedded markets. Founded in 1994, the company was originally known as 3DLABS. In January of 2009, it merged with Creative Technology’s PDE department and became known as ZiiLABS.

Over the years, the company has invested over a billion US dollars and 10k man-hours/annum on the development of media processing solutions, with offices in Britain, China, the U.S. and Singapore.

Shanghai OOZIC Technology Company

A software development enterprise and hardware solution provider whose expertise includes hardware platform development, ID design, application software development and audio technology and development.

Creative Technology Ltd. is the predecessor of Shanghai OOZIC Technology Company. A subsidiary of Singapore Creative at that time, the R&D company focused on developing technology that supported Creative’s digital products research.

With the continuous development in recent years and to be in a better position to drive R&D efforts based on Chinese market into the global market, OOZIC Technology was transformed successfully in September 2011, officially becoming an independent R&D and innovative company.

Future development will be based on Creative Technology's Zii chipset platform. The company will devote itself to the R&D of digital products and Internet service so as to provide integral design concepts and solutions for both local and global clients.

OOZIC Technology’s head office is located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai of China, with a subsidiary in Hefei.

Creative Knowledge Ltd. (China)

A software development enterprise and vertical market application solution provider whose expertise includes Chinese Operating Systems, digital textbook and e-Schoolbag solutions for the education industry, and digital briefcase solutions for businesses.

Based on years of experience in multimedia technology, Creative Knowledge Ltd. (China) devotes itself to the creation and development of multimedia interactive education and online education platforms.

With a large R&D team in Beijing, the company focuses on natural language processing, speech recognition technology and online language evaluation models, and interactive interface technology. It has achieved innovation and breakthrough in the areas of digital content and three-dimensional resource. The company has also accumulated matured experience and models in the operation of services supporting online education platforms.

In cooperation with the Singapore Pan Education Press, Creative Knowledge Ltd. launched digital textbooks for elementary schools. In cooperation with China’s People Education Publishing, they launched the "English 'GO For It'" online textbooks for junior high education. Creative Knowledge’s digital textbook online platforms carved a unique position in the field of digital education publishing, paving the way for the introduction of the e-Schoolbag into the classrooms.

Three NOD Group

A founder of the alliance, whose expertise includes manufacturing services – designing, developing and manufacturing OPM models for clients; large factories, professional devices, and localized manufacturing resources.

Three NOD Group is a supplier of integrated solutions focused around intelligent living. Devoting itself to improving quality of life through innovation and technology, the group’s presence can be seen in various fields such as the movies and music entertainment industry, information technology industry, photoelectric technology industry etc. Since its inception in 1996, Three NOD Group has upheld its philosophy of “Your Expectation, My Promise” and three promises of “Quality, Service, Value” by carrying out in-depth analysis of its users. The group is dedicated to providing products and services that exceed client expectations, providing users around the world with an extraordinary experience.

In 2007, Three NOD Group became the world’s first foreign company to be listed in Korea. In the same year, Three NOD Group was awarded with the “Famous Trademark of China”.

Eagle Link

An industry application solution supplier of vertical markets whose expertise includes application solutions for insurance and finance etc. along with mobile cloud service industry solutions.

Shenzhen Eagle Link Technology Co. Ltd. devotes itself to the innovation of mobile cloud service technology, cloud platform creation and mobile cloud service solutions. Adopting SaaS and PaaS service models, it provides clients with customized, complete industry application solutions based on mobile network devices.

The company’s solutions are applicable to a wide range of industries including financial insurance, hotel, education, automobile, tourism, community service, retail chains, logistics, E-government, etc.

LAK (China, Korea) Industrial Design Co., Ltd.
LAK (China, Korea) Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

A design company whose competitive services include industrial design of products.

LAK is a powerful international industrial design company, with its head office in Korea.
The CEO and chief designer is Kim Jong Gil, a famous Korean designer.

Designer Kim Jong Gil currently holds many positions such as the director of the Korean Industrial Design Association and Vice President of Shenzhen Industrial Design Association etc. The products he designed have also won many international awards such as IF, Red Dot etc.

LAK provides large and medium enterprises, both locally and globally, with high quality and comprehensive industrial design services by applying international innovative design concept, scientific and systematic design implementation and advanced design management. LAK’s client base includes companies such as LG, TG, Micro-Star, HP, CPQ, Woongjin, Dixon(Philips, Advent), Best Buy, Mint, Celrun, Three NOD, etc.

Shenzhen Maxypro Industrial Product Planning Company

A design company whose expertise includes external design, structural design, mold design and solutions recommendation.

Shenzhen Maxypro Industrial Product Planning Company is a professional company specializing in product planning and design. The company engages mainly in the market research and planning, external design, structure design, mold design and solutions recommendation process that comes prior to product development. The company also provides value-added services such as packaging promotion and distribution channel building after products are launched.

Presently, the company serves several large and medium-sized enterprises both locally and globally, providing innovative yet realistic product design solutions for companies in varying fields. Their client base includes TCL, Malata, PHLIPS, Tsinghua Tongfang, Founder, NEC, Three NOD and other domestic manufactures.

Exellence Power

A logistics company whose expertise lies in logistics chain service.

The head office of Excellence Power Supply Chain Management Ltd. is located in Shenzhen with a registered capital of RMB60 million.

The four main services offered by the company include procurement, marketing, virtual production and vendor management inventory (VMI). Based on client’s requirements, the company out-sources non-core businesses, personalizing customized supply chain services for each client.

Coship Electronics

As the supplier of the largest domestic STB system solutions, Coship Electronics expertise includes Coship digital TV high-definition interactive platform, with a client base of more than 60 million users. This is the top broadcasting brand in Guangzhou with the largest digital video manufacturing base in Asia, shipping more than 10 million units per year.

A high-tech enterprise founded in 1994, Shenzhen Coship Electronics focuses on providing digital TV solutions and operation services for broadcasting. The company devotes itself to providing first-class products and services related to digital video so as to aid the propagation of human civilization. In 2006, Coship Electronics became the first domestic digital video company to be successfully listed.

Seizing the opportunity presented by the merge of the three-networks, the company created a convergence business represented by Saition and Multi-screen Interactive, being the first company to make the three-networks merge an operational business and laying a solid foundation for business convergence.


Located in Taiwan Linkou Industrial Park; FORTREND is the professional of Projective Capacitive Touch Panel.

The strongest team presents the best-quality touch panels. Including customized design, module technology and related applications, FORTREND aim to promote the performance of electronic friendliness and intuitive operation.

Specialized in "Single Glass" touch panel modules, FORTREND delivers touch panels with 0.7mm/1.1mm thickness; which assists to create extra thin Table PC with less than 10mm thickness. Meanwhile, FORTREND's "Real 10-finger-touch" solution is ready to lead the ALL-TOUCH era.