hanZpad Alliance -  Conquering the World Together

The fast-paced development of the mobile Internet brings with it endless business opportunities. However, mobile Internet involves a large variety of industries ranging from terminal devices, operating system, software, content operation, platform support, network access, user experience etc. This market cannot be conquered by individual companies separately but must be tackled as a collective effort across different industries. Such collaboration allows the sharing of resources and ideas, thus creating new technology, products and models to provide users with experiences and value products way beyond their expectations. This creates a win-win situation in order to gain favorable foothold in the markets of the future.

Creative Technology has brought together several Chinese competitive enterprises into a hanZpad Alliance. Currently, the alliance consists of players in varying industries including chip developers, vendors, supply chain service providers, industry design service providers, manufacturers, brand owners, industry application developers, application mall service providers, content suppliers and cloud platform operating service providers etc. Customers can enjoy a complete, one-stop solution for their businesses from chip development, board design, ID design, supply of spare parts and manufacturing to system optimization, application and content development, application mall operation, vertical industry solutions, cloud platform operating service etc. Members of the alliance look forward to taking on the application market and its endless business opportunities with confidence.

We welcome more companies to join our hanZpad Alliance. Through the sharing of knowledge and expertise among members, a win-win situation can be created as you can effectively lower your research and development costs, manufacturing costs and the risks of new product launches. Your clients can thus enjoy the most advanced technology, matured products, complete services and professional support. Let us join our hands together in creating and sharing the greatest benefits of technology and business models. Let us move across the globe, creating the future and conquering the world!